Introducing Vanspeed Pro, a division of Vanspeed

Introducing Vanspeed Pro, a division of Vanspeed

With 6+ years of recreational experience under our belt crafting luxury camper vans and off-road components (seen here), the Vanspeed team is thrilled to announce our newest manufacturing endeavor- Vanspeed Pro. We’re utilizing the expertise we’ve cultivated while building the best camper vans in the industry and are applying it to the commercial sector for a new, exciting challenge. Read below to learn more and follow along here as we redefine the world of business mobility!

Vanspeed Pro is our commercial mobility solutions division operating alongside our recreational business. With the help of our talented in-house design and engineering teams, VS Pro is customizing mobile solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs who seek to mobilize their services and connect with their customers like never before. From mobile medical clinics to mobile bars and everything in between, we’re bridging the gap between brick-and-mortar retailers and the growing on-demand economy.


Fully customized builds

Our builds are crafted from the ground up to serve the exact needs of our clients. We work alongside our customers throughout the entire process to ensure that their vision is thoughtfully and precisely brought to life.

In-house design, engineering and manufacturing

-In our 30,000+ square foot production facility in Westminster, CA, we proudly own our manufacturing process end-to-end from design to production. This allows us to have full control over our build quality, maintain a more cost-effective production line, and accommodate industry-leading build times.

A one-stop solution for all of your fleet needs: 

-We offer several services to help our customers manage their fleets. This includes vehicle sourcing, financing, leasing, service, and maintenance solutions.

Certifications and expertise 

You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with our certified team of experts. We’re certified with RVIA, NHTSA, NLA, the state of CA, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few. 

The industries we serve are vast, and the projects we take on are not limited to pre-existing concepts. If you have an idea you’re passionate about, bring it to the team at Vanspeed Pro and we’ll find a way to bring your vision to reality. Let’s take a look at a few of the many industries we serve:


You can now enjoy dog grooming and veterinary services that come straight to your door. 


Mobile medical clinics, temperature control solutions, and organizational kits are a few of the products we offer to help make healthcare more accessible nationwide.

Food & beverage 

We're catering to the on-demand economy by crafting catering vehicles, mobile coffee shops, and food trucks utilized as stand-alone businesses or additions to retail operations.


Mobile bars, dessert carts, and mobile showrooms are a unique way to enhance any event or gathering. 

Health & Beauty 

Mobile barber shops, nail salons, and wellness vehicles serve as great cost-saving alternatives to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Tiny Home 

Tiny homes and customized cabins make for beautiful living spaces and profitable rentals.

If you can dream it, our team can build it. Get in touch with the Vanspeed Pro team today to learn how we can support your mobility needs. 


Learn more about Vanspeed origins here:


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