Our dog grooming vehicles utilize a fully-integrated lithium battery pack complete with solar charging to generate the most efficient power for your operation, generator free. Charge while you drive from client to client or let your solar charge while you work. This low-maintenance system is designed to increase productivity by reducing the overhead of up keep.



    Our layout maximizes maneuverability and economy of space to create the optimal workstation. By incorporating features such as an electric lift table, telescopic bathing station ramp and compartmentalized storage, you'll find that each area inside of the van has beenmeticulously designed.



    We know how important it is to maintain the hygiene of both your workspace and your pets. Our layout provides groomers with several methods of fast & easy clean up with features such as our sealed water-proof flooring, corrosion-resistant grooming equipment, a two-point vacuum system and a dedicated cleaning station.

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Heavy Duty Electric Grooming Table

-Accommodates small to large-sized pets
- Foot-controlled lowering for
easy pet access
-Height-adjustable overhead grooming bar

50” Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Station

- Ergonomic and rust resistant design

- Adjustable three level flooring

- Stowable ramp for easy access

- Intentional hydraulic-free design reduces likelihood of mechanical malfunction

Batherbox Bathing System

- Saves more than 50% in bathing time and 30% in shampoo and conditioner usage

K9 II High Efficiency Hair Dryer

- Dual motor control switches

- Quiet, pet-friendly motor

62 Gallon Tank Capacity For Fresh & Grey Water


Eco-Friendly Lithium & Solar Battery System

- No generator needed

- Charge your van while you drive or let your solar charge while you work

- Plugging in to shore power is optional

Hydronic Instant Water Heating

- Stand alone unit, no need for propane

In-Cabin AC, Ventilation Fan & Heating

- Maximized air circulation and temperature control creates a comfortable workspace

Self-Contained Power

- Run all of your interior equipment, including AC, concurrently without having to idle your van or plug into a generator


Ergonomic Layout

-Groomer-centric design made to increase the efficiency of your daily operations
-Spacious layout to accommodate all breed sizes
-Built-in stowable ramps for easy vehicle and tub entry

Built-In Cleaning Solutions

- Fully sealed, waterproofed interior for easy cleaning

- Dedicated cabinetry for storage of bathing products

- Built-in trash disposal and towel receptacle

- Commercial vacuum &automatic floor vacuum for efficient hair removal
- Vertical storage cabinet for grooming utensils


Grooming Package

  • $128,000 for full grooming package including 144" Mercedes Sprinter van + conversion

Advanced Branding Solutions

  • Exterior / interior vinyl branding solutions starting at $500
  • - Vehicle sourcing, financing and leasing

    -Exterior and interior branding solutions

    -Turnkey packages for new groomers

  • - 3 year/36,000 mile craftsmanship warranty 

    - 10 year battery warranty

    - Varying manufacturer warranties for interior components paired with a VS Pro 1 year warranty on systems and labor 

  • - Quick build times

    - Vehicle service and maintenance packages

    - Ongoing customer support

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